Who is The Menstrual Maven?

Jan 04, 2021

Hey girl hey!

This is my first ever blog post and honestly I never thought I would be blogging. Podcast, yeah I got that. Instagram, yeah I got that. Facebook and Facebook groups, check! There is still a small part inside of me that thinks I am not the best at writing as that is the feedback I have received over the years in school settings. But what matters more than any of that is creating a space for women to learn about themselves and their bodies. As the world continues to shift I wanted to create a place for women where they can always go for that information. So here we go on this blogging journey. You ready?

I am Dr. Madalyn Turner. I am a Chiropractor and Menstrual Coach. Growing up I was very fortunate in the fact that I have a mother who is very open about discussing “sensitive” topics. I can remember riding down the road in the back of her Lincoln town car, we must have been in our early years of high school, and my mom descriptively describing what sex was and how it happened. My twin sister and I both wanted to open the car doors and roll out because that would probably have been more comfortable for us at the time. In hindsight though, I am grateful for her and her ability to talk about topics that others continue to ignore to this day.

When I was 10 years old my younger brother passed away, he was sick and one night we all went to bed and he never woke up again. They were never able to give my mother an answer to what happened, they just said he had a virus and that was it. It was such a traumatic experience and loss for my whole family. I do believe it set me forward on this path at an early age without me knowing the reasons why or what that would look like years later. That is the very first time I had felt broken by our medical system. 

When I was in junior high my grandfather got diagnosed with cancer and it rocked our family. We began shifting our diet and lifestyle choices to help support him through his journey. He was able to get extra years from those changes and we are forever grateful for that extra time. I am also so thankful for the shift in health this showed me and my family. That is the second time I felt betrayed by our medical system. 

I’ve lost many more family members over the years to cancers and medical mistakes. Somewhere along the way I started to ask different questions about why these things were happening and what control do we have over them. I began to learn more and more about health and what we put in and on our body matters. I understood that our bodies are incredible things that keep us alive every second of the day and they have a perfect system that works when given the right environment and opportunity.  STILL to this day our mainstream medical model does not preach this, they do not give others this information and as of this last year they have chosen to try to police that information, shove it down on the internet so far you will never find it, and reword it so its seen as conspiracy or some anti narrative. 

I have been part of that medical system and it has chewed me up and spit me out. I no longer choose to take part in that way of life. I am a person, with a body, and I have needs and my needs are not the same as the women who stand next to me. My body is an individual with its own environment. As a woman, I have been subjected to the abuse that goes on in the mainstream medical world. I have sat in a doctor's office and not been given options for my test results. I’ve sat there and did not feel comfortable asking more questions and demanding better answers and solutions. I have seen my patients who have tried every drug under the sun and who are still suffering be told there is nothing they can do to help them and their situation is hopeless. Ladies, we are not broken. Our bodies are not broken. The system is broken. We are amazing and resilient and as you continue to walk this journey with me you will not only see that, but you will begin to embody it as well. 

I got here by being on a mission to create a better world for women. For girls to learn early how their bodies are different and how to honor and love those differences vs fighting against them their entire lives. I got here by healing my own limiting beliefs that I wasn’t good enough because I didn’t fit into society's mold of a worthy woman. I lit this path by connecting to my own body, my own cycle, and my own feminine energy and my hope is for you to be able to take that step for yourself. Except you don’t have to do it alone. I am here to walk with you on this journey. 

Thank you for being here and I am looking forward to meeting you along your journey. 

With love, intention, and happy periods,


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