One of the unexpected surprises I have gotten from being on this journey

connection sisterhood Apr 30, 2021

One of the unexpected surprises I have gotten from being on this journey of healing my connection to my body and helping other women do the same is 


For a long time I never really thought about the significance in sisterhood or having the community of women who could be seen by each other. Honestly, I kind of thought it was foo foo.

As I continue to walk this journey my eyes and heart have been open to a place of receiving that sisterhood from others and seeing the dire need for it in this world.

Women have a long history of being misunderstood, gaslighted, not taken seriously, and pressured to try to fit into a society that was created by men and for men.

So many of us feel isolated and alone in our daily lives. We try to do it all and perfect and constantly fear that we aren’t enough. We think  that everyone else must have figured something out that we haven’t, because their life is easier than ours.

We truly don’t know anyone else's life or struggles unless we are them. Appearances and social media posts can be the most deceiving of all. 

I see the need for this as I pass a mom carrying her baby on the walking trail and see tears rolling down her cheeks.

I see the longing to be seen and understood as I hug my patient who is grieving as she tries to navigate the world we are living in and the tough choices people are having to make.

I open my messages daily on social media from women who haven’t been able to find anyone to truly listen and hear what they are experiencing.

I help fight with the mom’s who are trying to protect their children and make the choice they see best for their family, not the choice of the government. 

I’ve spent countless hours listening to women share their stories of being told they are too much, being not treated properly by their doctors, birth stories that make my heart break because the woman’s rights were violated or she was bullied in her experience, and so much more.

I’ve been the woman walking the beach crying with a freshly broken heart, just wanting to be ok.

As women we feel like these experiences only happen to us individually and we have been discouraged to reach out to be seen or ask for help. 

Reach out. Find your tribe. Share your stories and experiences. Be seen. See others and hold space for them. Hug. Cry. Dance. Laugh. 

There is massive amounts of healing in sisterhood. There is connection in sisterhood. There is strength in sisterhood. 

Do you have a tribe or are you looking for one? If you are looking for one know that I will always have space for you in mine and you are never alone.

Peace, love, and happy periods!


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