It’s time to burn those old period underwear!

menstural phase period panties Jan 25, 2021

Hey girl hey!

We all have at least one pair of them. Mine were always black full coverage panties, or panties that were legit on their last leg. You only pull them out of your drawer when you are on your period knowing that you could care less if you bled on them. We all have a pair because we all know that no matter how skilled you are at your chosen period product it was inevitable that at some point you would leak onto your underwear. 

I stopped using pads forever ago and discarded tampons for a menstrual cup over 5 years ago now. I love love love love my menstrual cup, but there are still times I’ve leaked even while wearing one. Maybe I didn’t quite have the fit right or I would get caught up seeing patients and not be able to to get to the bathroom when I needed to be there and I would still end up having to either ruin nicer underwear or go to the back of my drawer and drag out the old period underwear reserved for these moments. Ugh, so annoying!

Last year we were heading on an epic trip where we were to charter a catamaran and sail around the US Virgin Islands. I was going to be on my period during the trip and we were sharing the boat with my sister’s family and a friend. I had heard about period panties but hadn’t tried them yet. I decided I WAS NOT going to be the person who bled onto white sheets on our trip and have to worry about trying to get them clean. Thank goodness I ordered them because the first heavy night of my period I leaked through my menstrual cup. For me this most often happens after sleeping and when I get up to walk to the bathroom as gravity starts to take over. As my feet touched the floor I could feel the slow spread of blood out of my vagina and into my panties. The period panties worked like a charm! No mess on the sheets or on the floor as I made my way to the bathroom! I was sold and wear them as back up on my heavier days and solely use them for my period product on my lighter days!

My sister is 16 months postpartum and if you are reading this and have had a baby you know your pelvic floor changes after a baby. As she has been on the search for a menstrual cup that fits her pelvic floor she would continue to bleed out and onto her clothes. She finally tried period panties and has been saved so many times by them. Most women's periods change after having a baby and sometimes it's for a short period, while others it's their new normal but you don’t have to continue to bleed through products and bleed into your clothes. There is something comfortable and efficient available to you!

How do they work? 

They are magic. Just kidding...they are created with layered fabric that absorbs menstrual blood and helps wick away moisture so you feel comfortable while wearing them and not like you are sitting in a pad or diaper. 

Will you feel damp at all?

Possibly. I’m not going to lie. The only time I feel a wetness or dampness is when I have a gush of sorts. Most usually when I have been sleeping for a full 8 hours and get up to go to the bathroom in the morning my menstrual cup will be super full so it will leak on my walk. Luckily the period panties are there to absorb that leakage so I don’t feel as frazzled getting to the bathroom. 

Are they messy when using them?

Not from my experience. The panty is designed to absorb the blood and wick away moisture so I find that they do exactly that!

Do you only need one a day or will you have to switch?

It’ll depend on your flow and how you use them. Thinx Brand period panties most absorbent panty will hold up to 5 tampons worth of menstrual blood. As I mentioned on my lighter days I solely use the period panty and do not not have to switch pairs. On my heavier days I use them as back up to my menstrual cup. 

They are also more sustainable for our Earth vs disposable menstrual products so if you like to save the planet then these are most certainly up your alley!

I know some women don’t even know these are a real thing so I wanted to bring awareness to other options we have when we bleed. I always get a lot of questions about them so I hope your questions were answered and if not please reach out.

I want to share the love with you all so if you have been wanting to try them head over to She Thinx for $10 your order! They also have a 30 day guarantee so you don’t have to worry if for some reason they don’t work for your life!

With love, intention, and happy periods,


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