Your period emotions are truth tellers!

anxiety brain depression emotions follicular intuition luteal menstrual menstural phases ovulatory pms Feb 22, 2021

Hey girl hey!

How’s your month going? 

There was a time that I couldn’t have really answered that question. I would have been able to give you a superficial answer but that’s about it… “good, nothing to complain about, you?”

At this point in life I am so over the superficial bullshit sometimes. Some days are good, some days are challenging. Today I am getting my period and I’m emotional. Not in an erratic unexplained way, in a way that allows me to reflect on what’s going on in my life and how I want to handle it moving forward, what feelings do I want to work on processing. 

Life for everyone has extra stress than it did this time last year. As I go through the second half of my luteal phase and into my menstrual phase I reflect back on my life and some months I’m just sad or I long for simpler times. I am not sharing this to be a downer, I am opening up and sharing this for women reading this can start to understand their monthly flow better as well.

Before understanding my menstrual cycle fully and knowing how to work with it when I would feel these emotions as my period approaching and during it I would just brush it off as “because I have my period.” I would have tried to put on a happy face, do activities I didn’t want to do, push through any fatigue I may have been feeling and basically grin and bear it until my period was over and my estrogen began rising again bringing me back to life.  I was missing the magic and connection in my cycle.

Our body changes every day of the month as we have hormones circulating through us in preparation to release an egg in hopes of that egg becoming fertilized. Whether it does or not isn’t quite the point, our body just knows it’s job is to do that every month for quite a few years. If the egg isn’t fertilized our hormones will decline and we will get our periods so we can start the cycle all over again. 

Our endocrine system is in charge of so many different parts of our body….fertility, libido (hello sex drive), mood regulation, brain communication, internal body temperature, digesting our food, and our heart beat!

The magic available by connecting and understanding your cycle is knowing that as your period approaches and during your bleed your intuition is stronger due to the changes in your brain. That time we are “so emotional” is because we are having legit feelings and our body is asking us to acknowledge them, acknowledge why we are feeling them, and decide how we want to handle them. One of the biggest dis services we do to ourselves is not slowing down and to acknowledge those emotions and pretending like they aren’t worth our time and attention. 

Next time you are in that space of your menstrual cycle I encourage you to take some alone time to at least acknowledge what you are feeling, try to ask yourself why and how you would like to handle the emotion or situation that is causing the emotion. 

I want to leave you with a few reminders about your period and menstrual cycle that you can look back at to remind yourself what a bad-ass goddess you truly are!

🩸You are a goddess because you can create life. Whether you choose to or not is your decision. There is massive power in being able to create, grow, and bring life earth-side.

🩸You have 4 phases of your menstrual cycle (follicular, ovulatory, luteal, and menstrual). This is a reminder to the fact that we are flowing through these throughout the month so our bodies change daily. There is so much freedom and power in knowing how to track through these four phases and make daily choices that support which phase you are in vs trying to live the same way every single day. 

🩸Women’s intuition is real and a super power when you know how to access it!

🩸Your period doesn’t have to suck and things like PMS, painful periods, fibroids, PCOS, anxiety, depression, bloating, fatigue, etc are not normal. They are ways your body tells you something is up with your endocrine system and no will will ever fix that. Lifestyle changes and understanding our bodies will!

Now go out there and celebrate your bad-ass self and all the power you have as a woman today!

With love, intention, and happy periods,


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