When was the last time you looked at yourself and said "I love you"

body image fix your period mindset mirror work self love Feb 08, 2021

Hey girl hey,

So over the last month I’ve added in some mirror work to my daily repertoire of self love activities. 

I occasionally want to pop on here and give you a little tough love, and remember it is love.

We all want change of some sort, but what are we really willing to do to get it? A lot of times unless the problem is significant enough we don’t do anything to get it...except maybe continuously long for it or complain about not having what we want.

Sometimes we know or have an idea of how to get that change but we don’t want to do it because we think the work will be too hard or it will take too long...which makes me question if we really even truly want what we say we want.

Anything you want to change will have some sort of work to be done with your thoughts and mindset. You literally cannot change something by doing and thinking the same things that put you in the current place you are in, you will have to expand.

We have over 12,000 thoughts a day. In which about 80% of them are negative thoughts. (1) 

(Did your mind just blow because mine did! 80%! What the hell are we telling ourselves?!)

So I’ll ask again, when is the last time you truly looked at yourself in the mirror and offered yourself love over criticism or when was the last time your eyes truly met in the mirror?

Mirror work is taking time each day to sit with yourself in front of a mirror and to do some self love and healing work. Louise Hay wrote the book on it. Naturally, the book is called Mirror Work : 21 days to heal your life. Its an easy and life changing read if you are ready.

I have spent the last month doing one of the first exercises she teaches you in the book. I look at myself in the mirror and tell myself the following “I love you Madalyn, I really really love you.” My goal is for 100 x a day but I’ll be honest, I don’t really count. But anytime I pass a mirror I make sure I stop and repeat the loving words.

I would say before I started the mirror work I was already aware that our thoughts mattered and always tried to stay on the side of more positive thoughts and less negative thoughts. That’s all fine and good but as we are talking about making true change and healing I believe most of us forget a huge piece in that puzzle…..truly seeing ourselves and offering ourselves love. 

That love handle? Next time your eyes dart there I ask you to offer it love over criticism. 

That lower belly area? Tell it thank you for all it has done in loving and protecting you and that you are truly grateful.

See how your energy changes over the days as you speak love into yourself. You will be radiating an energy that is untouchable. If you would like an added bonus I highly recommend taking some time to mirror dance as well. Put on some tunes that make you happy and want to move and shake it out!

Be warned there have been days I haven’t felt like offering myself love. I have had some really down and shitty days through the last month of doing this work. I have had days that as those words left my mouth, I had tears flowing from my eyes and a lump in my throat. 

If you haven’t ever done anything like this it can feel incredibly weird so I highly recommend finding a mirror in a space where you can have a few minutes to yourself. Also, know that it gets less weird.

Want to fix ...

Your crappy job?

Your period problems?

Your energy problems?

Your libido problems?

Your relationship problems?

Your body image problems?

Understand that loving yourself is always a step that is often forgotten in those journeys. 

I challenge you to try this out for a week and tag me on social media to spread the love around the world!! If you don’t feel comfortable sharing that’s totally fine too.


With love, intention, and happy periods,



  1. https://medium.com/the-mission/a-practical-hack-to-combat-negative-thoughts-in-2-minutes-or-less-cc3d1bddb3af#:~:text=According%20to%20the%20National%20Science,than%20we%20think%20positive%20thoughts.

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