I had the best period of my life in January! How you can too!

adrenal blood sugar caffeine detox organs happy periods Feb 01, 2021

Hey girl hey!

Before you fully run off because you think that you can’t get a good period just pause for a second. Good and best periods exist, they aren’t these magical creatures that fairy-tales are made of. I love some good 'ol magic but this is science and every one of us can get an amazing period.

I did what none of us want to truly do last month and the results were incredible. Hormone issues … hello PMS, anxiety, brain fog, fatigue, heavy periods, clotting, etc… are a result of stress and miscommunication happening in your endocrine system. A lot of times we can boil it down to stress in one or multiple of the following areas : mismanaged blood sugar, detox organs not able to do their job, adrenal fatigue, and not living in alignment with your menstrual cycle

So what did I do? I supported all of them, but I truly believe the quick turn around in my period symptoms was because of managing my blood sugar. I had gotten so accustomed to eating my main meals and sometimes snacking if time allowed for it between patients and calls. I would go longer than 3.5 hours without food and in those scenarios would find myself hangry. 

Going too long between meals or eating food that provides quick burning energy such as simple carbohydrates (yeah I’m looking at you bread and pasta) will aid in the roller coaster which is mismanaged blood sugar.

Mismanaged blood sugar looks like: sugar and caffeine cravings, trouble waking up in the morning, moodiness, and crashes in energy.

When we eat sugar gets released into our body and insulin will then be pumped out from the pancreas to help get the extra blood sugar into cells to be stored for later use. This is a very delicate balance and when mismanaged it is stressful to our internal environment.

With extra stress we have extra cortisol. Cortisol will bump other hormones like progesterone out of the way and steal its receptor sites, decreasing our progesterone levels, and that can lead to things like PMS and terrible periods. 

To manage your blood sugar levels and keep it more even, don’t go too long between meals & snacks (2.5-3.5 hours), choose foods that have protein, healthy fat, and complex carbs. When we end up having something with simple carbs or super sugary, take a brisk 15 minute walk post meal to help your body use some of that extra blood sugar. 

Within the food I was consuming I had eliminated caffeine (I love coffee ya’ll and miss that hug in a mug), processed sugar (still had sugar from natural sources like berries), and alcohol. 

After the holidays I knew my body wasn’t feeling good and needed a little assistance which is what led me to making these changes in January. In some cases it can take us 3+ months to see a significant change in our periods and hormone communications, but this just goes to show how resilient our bodies are and can even make those changes in a quicker time frame if given the right environment and support. 

I want you to realize you are worthy of this change. You deserve to feel connected to your body and to trust what it is doing for you at every moment. You deserve to know how to listen to what your body is asking for and how to give it those exact things.

I hop on calls every week with women just like you. Women whose terrible periods rule their life. There is at least one week of the month, if not more, that they feel like crap, are so emotional they don’t even recognize themselves, and are constantly at battle with their health. One huge struggle I see within these calls is women thinking they are not worthy of standing in their power to accept that change, seeing that they are worthy of healing and stepping into who that woman is meant to be without these pains and struggles. 

I give you full permission to accept that worthiness and to start this healing journey. Imagine what life would look like for you if you no longer struggled with hormonal issues, and imagine what your life will look like if you continue to do nothing about it. I hope you can find the power within you to choose healing and freedom.  To choose you!

If you need accountability or support on your journey, sign up for your complementary discovery call today.

With love, intention, and happy periods,


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