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What is your name?

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When were you born? (DOB)

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What specifically prompted you to inquire about the Perflomance Plus Membership with Dr. Madalyn? What about this offer interests you most?

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Take a moment to ground yourself and take a deep breath. Where are you currently feeling the most disconnect/discontent in your life right now?

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Talk to me briefly about what you have tried in the past? What interventions have you sought out that you found helpful? Not so helpful?

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How would you describe your menstrual cycle experience?

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Do you have any specific experiences/history with holistic period management?

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Describe how you would like your relationship with your body and cycle to look.

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Talk to me about any medical concerns or pieces of past medical history that you would like me to be aware of. What complexities do you find difficult to manage?

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How connected do you feel to your body, its needs, and its power?

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Tell me about your current workout/movement regimen. Anything you wish you could do, but don't feel equipped for? How happy are you with your current motivations?

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Anything else you would like us to know as we review applications?

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